Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have been waking earlier than usual for school, and I really love the mornings.  The bed is so mellow in the pre dawn.  The sky was such a calm blue, and the clouds wore just a hint of orange and pink.  I love my bed, I love sleeping, and I love waking.  So fun.

So today was Color.  For me consciously thinking about color is quite amazing.  The world is a different.  Most of the time I do not see color really, it is just a part, but when I give attention - what a phenomenon.  Life takes on new meaning, and new clarity with color.  No white is just white, no blue, blue. They become emotion, they become holders of memory.

A little tangent:
I would have to say that this project is making my life better.   I have been noticing the preposterousness of of actually trying to analyze experiences.  There are so many things happening in a moment.  All the senses, the complexity of the entire human being, and all the information in an environment.  This really gets me to thinking about unconscious learning, and what that means.

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