Monday, January 16, 2012

5 + 5 +5 =

Some days this is much harder than others.  For example yesterday I was brimming with things to say, and today I feel like I am brimming with the same things to say.  I read a book today on the philosopher Hume, and was so impressed.  His writings are basically notions of the same things that I have been postulating for a bit here, but he is even more dramatic.  Hume would have us question our entire mode of thought and of being.

I like this idea so much.  Of course in practice there are certain things we must adhere to, but how much simpler is life if we try and understand that our modes of "knowledge" are ever changing, and based only on other forms of "knowledge."  In other words how do we define the words that define the words?  For me at least it is a little easier to sign in relief with the understanding that everything that is bothering me, or worrying me is a mental construct.

Today was also fun because the journal took a bit of a beating, and today's page looks super weathered and haggard.  I have been using red clay, because it is readily available in our clay room, and needs to be recycled.  I like using it, but it seems to get everywhere.

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