Tuesday, March 6, 2012

where to go from here

I have been having discussions (arguments for sure, cool, calm and collected, but good quality arguments without a doubt) with a friend about her belief in the Christian notion of god, and my belief in fence posts, and the unknown.
Here is a little poem inspired by such talks.

I believe in god during a hot shower, and right when I crawl into bed - the covers all warm and cozy.
I believe god lives in my teacup.  god must ride a bike to school, and love smooth parking lots (god's parking lot probably has a lot more trees (I wonder if god has to peddle?)).  I believe god must live in chocolate.  If I were in a band I would want god to play the bass.  I would not want god to sing lead vocals, god probably gets enough chicks as it is.  I bet god loves comfortable socks just like me.  Do you think god gets bored answering prayers all day?  If I were god I would go on vacation every once in a while, to a really far away place in the universe.  I would also want to make some friends, and just hang out.  I would watch TV sometimes, and probably drink soda, and maybe even smoke a cigarette or two.  If I were god I would probably love everything that I love now, but I would fly around sometimes when nobody was looking, because I would not want to have people asking me for winning lottery tickets all the time.

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