Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 9

I am still working in the studio, and still trying to get all the loose ends tightened up.  I have lost the initiative of taking photos everyday, but am going to start again tomorrow.  I have really begun, as you might have noticed, to turn this blog into a place to spill the beans, so to speak, in the case of my inner life.

Here is a little outer life from today (with a bit of inner):

I had a conversation with a friend that impressed upon me the idea that our most notable experiences, as far as memories, and hopefully happy memories, come from our experiences with one another, and not from objects.  We had been talking about how, at least from my perspective, our society really pushes the importance of material goods (shiny car, big house, fancy clothes, ect...), and so this idea that our best memories have nothing to do with such things creates an interesting notion, as we work so hard to procure something that will have such a small impact on our selves, and our overall happiness.

 I hope it is understood that I do not think any of the ideas on this blog are answers for anyone but myself.  I in no way mean to present them as answers, but I want to share them because they fit me so well, and I was taught that sharing is good.

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