Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A new day at midnight

Being inside most of the day makes my bike ride home monumental.  I have noticed that I am often times writing about nature on here.  I think it is because of this outdoors experience before I settle down for the night, which is when I write this.  Imagine how boring it would be for me to tell you how beautiful my work table in the studio is.

I remember that paint splatter, and that oil stain too.  I am not sure where that chip in the wood came from, and all those razor thin exacto marks, I was cutting something for sure.  My life is in here - moments in time that add up all around me.  That is from a friend, and that I found outside during that rain storm.  I remember building that, and the day that they came over to visit and have tea.  We laughed so much about that story.  Here I am piling up around myself.  The trinkets of my life that tell such a profound story - one that can never be told.  Now as I look around, knowing that soon this will no longer be my home I wonder about all the time that has passed, and notice how it is engrained in my skin, and my heart.  I cry out a little at such loss, and yet something inside me knows that the horizon is never far.  

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