Saturday, March 17, 2012

Count down

So a few days left to tie up loose ends before the show.  I am having so much fun and am so grateful to have the opportunity to make, and think about art everyday.

I worked with my studio mate Erica today to learn how she uses her drawing style to create cutesy drawings for her pots.  I had a lot of fun, it was nice to get into her space and see how she works, and this type of work is so far out of my usual habits that it was a nice change of pace.   Erika likes to draw kitties and birds, while I like to draw little dudes.

This collaboration made me think about how great it is to interact with so many energized people.  I am amazed to think how complex we are as individuals, as well as how much I could learn from others, and about them if I would take more time to do so.  I imagine that there needs to be a level of openness in regards to how we interact on both sides, but that I could make a bigger impact if I tried a little more readily.  The idea brings up a lot of possibilities, and makes me want to interact in a slower, more deliberate way.

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