Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My roommate is a younger guy who is really adventuresome, and a bit wild.
He has been going camping the last few weekends, and today he told me that his grades are sliding a bit because of this.  I wondered about this.

Is it more important for Ty to study all weekend and get perfect grades in school?  Are his memorizing a bunch of facts going to make him a better, more informed person, or is his going camping and having that experience a better way of learning?  So my question is:  Is life a better teacher?  Should Ty worry about getting B's.  Who is really looking at these grades?

I just wonder about what type of people we want to be, and what our goals should be as educators?

I realize that these questions in the end come down to us as individuals, and of course that a mix of both worlds is important, but I think as questions they are super important.  I do not mean for there to be an answer to these questions either, but when I talk to Ty I want to tell him to go camping.

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