Monday, March 12, 2012

Happiness 9

After reading over my student's meaning papers I was both surprised in some cases, and inspired.  Most spoke to the importance of others, happiness, enjoyment and a few gave praise to ol' Jesus.  Here are a few samples that strayed from the pack.

Mary Beth = "If we spend our whole lives looking for ourselves we miss out on living."

Sophia = (in terms of heaven) "I can't get into that, its like living to die."  
 "I think were crazy if we do not think we are affected by the stars, trees, or other living creatures."
"Just because humans have lost touch with nature does not mean that the connection does not exist."
"Time rules us, but I think life is about filling it, not spending it."

Bart = "All in a hurry to nowhere."    "All too fast to care."

Gabby =  "All you need is love."  "Our struggles make us stronger."

Julie = "Asking the question of what is happiness, and finding my own answer to its meaning."

Dani = "Everyone should be celebrated"

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