Saturday, March 3, 2012

the purpose of no purpose

So this idea of meaning/purpose of life is really interesting because we, in my opinion, get to choose our own individual meanings.  The Universe from my vantage point seems to have little direction.  How freeing it is to enjoy the freedom of spending what seems like limitless amounts of time trying to enjoy life.  We have these amazing bodies that are capable of so much, and this amazing planet with so many things to learn and see.  Couple these two things with the idea that the purpose of life is for no other reason than to enjoy it.  To just go along, to be amazed, to try our best at dealing with happiness and sadness, joy and hardship.  How interesting.  Then to try and get a bit more in-depth.  I think about what it means to be part of this whole system - in the middle of infinite space - Really?

Okay again I feel like my time is up - tomorrow I hope to go a little deeper.

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