Friday, March 23, 2012

Last but not least

Well I think this is it for the archives.  I have had a really great time writing on this blog, and I think it kept me sane for a little while.  For you that have read it so often, and made me see that some people like to read fun, meaningless stuff - thanks so much.   I am going to take a few weeks off, and hopefully recharge my creative batteries.  I have an idea for a new blog that could possibly become more interactive.  I liked this one, but I did not get much feedback, or many comments.   I think a more communal blog could be really interesting where we could build on one another's ideas and information.  

One last poem.

I could not help but laugh at the grass growing so green,
The bounce in her step.
I could not help but feel a little thrill as all those birds swam through the air,
so many, and yet they seemed so linked with their twists and turns, dives and jumps.
I could feel it on my feet and ankles - how could I not laugh?
Do you have the warm feeling of contentment way down in your belly sometimes?
The one that happens when you smell carnival food.
I smiled all over at the sight of the dogwoods.  They looked like snow was all piled up,
or else they were like exploding fireworks that were paused in mid-beauty.
I just cannot help but be happy.  I mean what else can the luckiest kid in the whole world do?
 I try to be humble, but it just bubbles over.

Be great

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