Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Just another of those days that seem long, but is gone none the less.  I wonder if someday these are the days that add up to create a lifetime that has slipped by?  It is slipping by.  No matter how important all the
"little" and "big" things, the days are sneaking by.  How I wonder do we stop them, how do I stop them?  How do we find those moments that last forever?  The ones that make this life worthwhile.  The ones that make it something great, and something grand.  I will admit that within my day I am chore crazy, moving from one job to the next.  There are those moments that catch my breath, many in fact, and yet as I lay back right now I just wonder where they all went?  Funny how it is so light at times, and so heavy at others.

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